DIY Egyptian Crafts You Can Try at Home

August 9, 2016

DIY Egyptian Crafts You Can Try at Home

Whether for a party, school project, or designing a room, Egyptian motifs are a popular theme used over and over again. Looking for something fun and educational to try with the kids? Check out the DIY Egyptian Crafts shared below. Continue Reading

Floral Graphics Bundle
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Fabulous Florals & Feathers Design Bundle

My long awaited Floral & Feathers bundle is finally available! I’m excited to offer my HUGE Fabulous Floral & Feathers Design Bundle for a limited time. This is my very first floral bundle, so I filled it to the top with great flowery, feathery stuff! I’ve included many of…

July 12, 2016
creative light bulb
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Where to Find Your Creative Inspiration

By its very nature, inspiration does not come from within. Many creative people come up with astonishing ideas seemingly on their own, but inspiration is an impetus to create that is based on something outside of ones’ self. Even the most creative people cannot…

May 12, 2016
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Top 5 iPad Apps for Crafting

There is no feeling quite like sticky glue on your fingers, the folding of paper or the sound of patches coming together for a beautiful quilt. However, in a day and age where we are constantly on the go it can be good to…

April 26, 2016
Free Watercolor Peonies Clipart
Design Freebies Free Watercolor Art

Free Watercolor Peonies Clipart

As a teenager and into my twenties, I spent a ton of time painting watercolors. I took lessons from a local artist, and my room (and later my first apartment) was always cluttered with paint tubes, brushes and palette trays. I even won a…

February 25, 2016
Cute Jungle Animals Clipart
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New Art! Cute Jungle Animals Clipart & Vectors

A bright, playful set of cute jungle animals clipart has been on my to do list FOREVER! I’m so happy to have finally finished them this week – they came out exactly as I pictured them.…

February 2, 2016
Free Christmas Ornament Vectors
Design Freebies Free Vector Clipart

Free Christmas Ornament Vectors

Here we are, 2 weeks from Christmas, and I’m finally posting my Free Christmas Ornament Vectors now. I really have to apologize – I’m posting this much later than I had hoped! I hope you can still use them for a last minute project – or failing that,…

December 11, 2015