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Amazing Font Bundle – 46 Professional Fonts for $29

May 5, 2015
Amazing Font Bundle

If you follow my blog, you already know this, but I’m seriously addicted to fonts. No, seriously.

When I got a new iMac a few weeks ago, my first big task was to copy and install over 500 commercial fonts. How can the same 26 characters look different over 500 times? I’m not sure, actually. But I’m convinced that each and every font has a personality of it’s own, and I love matching the perfect font to each project I create. As useful as they are, that’s a lot of installing.

What?! 63 Cents Per Font?

Maybe it’s because my own handwriting is exceptionally awful, but I have a weak spot for curly, swirly, scripty fonts. I’m a sucker for buying just about every new handwriting font I come across. They’re just so darned pretty!

So when my pal at The Hungry JPEG showed me his newest amazing font bundle, I knew I had to buy it. I did that in about 2 seconds. After playing with the awesome fonts for a few hours, and doing the math (it works out to about 95% off the retail price, or $0.63 per font) I also knew I had to share it with you guys too.

Everything handmade and girly is super trendy right now, and typography is no exception. This amazing font bundle is a really great mix of pretty and rustic, making it invaluable for creating those handmade designs everyone loves.

The fonts in this bundle are all from popular independent designers like Printable WisdomNoe AraujoLa Goupil Paris & Graptail.

Extra, Extra

In addition to the 46 Professional fonts, many of the fonts include valuable extras like badges, banners, decorations and illustrations you can customize and use in your design projects. Most of these extras aren’t for sale on their own, but if they were they’d probably cost more than $29 on their own. They’re a very nice little bonus.

Here are a few examples of finished goods made from the fonts in this fabulous bundle.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Amazing Font Bundle”]

Besides the awesome value, the best part of this bundle might be the diversity of fonts it includes. Some are very hand drawn, some are super polished. Some are thick and chunky, some are curly-swirly. All of the fonts are great quality, and at least a few are sure to become part of your everyday design arsenal.

These fonts sell for $10-$20 each. I checked out each font, and added up the costs. If you buy all of these fonts at regular price, they’ll run you about $676. But for the rest of May, you can get all 46 fonts, all the extra elements AND commercial license for $29.

Amazing Font Bundle

For Play & For Work

Playing with fonts is super fun, but figuring out license terms is not. And as much as everyone would love to play all day, what designers really use them for is work. Products for sale, commercial websites, design work for clients.

That’s why The Hungry JPEG has simplified the process, and included a full commercial license for every font in this bundle. You can use all the fonts in commercial projects and products you resell, as long as you don’t include or redistribute the font file. How’s that for simple?

Amazing Font Bundle

Amazing Font Bundle

Get All 46 Professional Fonts for $29 at The Hungry JPEG

Deal Expires May 31, 2015.

Have fun with these amazing fonts! And don’t be shy – feel free to share links to stuff you’ve made with them in the comments below.

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