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    Construction Clipart & Vectors in All New Colors

    September 15, 2015
    Construction Clipart

    I’m sure you know this, but little boys LOVE construction equipment. I guess I didn’t realize how much until I had my own son.

    Love those Dig Digs!

    My little guy Max points out every “Dig Dig” he sees. Every single one, every time we go anywhere, for the past 2 years. He talks about the machines like they’re alive – noting that they go to sleep when the “construction mans” are not there. He’s particularly thrilled to see more than one at a time. “That one’s the Daddy crane, and that one’s the little baby crane!” Trucks, bulldozers, cranes or back hoes – if it’s big, loud and dirty, he’s fascinated by it.

    It was shortly after this kid – machine love affair began that I drew my original Yellow Under Construction Clipart set.

    Shortly after, I added it in green, and a red/blue/yellow combo. Since then, it’s continued to be one of my most popular sets. I’ve seen it used in birthday invitations and wall art, and it’s had dozens of positive reviews on etsy.

    “Great clipart, thank you so much”
    SweetTeez, Revew from Etsy

    “Arrived immediately, love it and have used it several times already! Grandson happy!”
    Jenny Coslett, Review from Etsy

    “Thank you! Instant download, fantastic! :)”
    Sheridan08, Review from Etsy

    All New Construction Clipart Color Themes

    Thanks to all the positive feedback, I thought it was time to offer the Yellow Construction Clipart a few new colors. I recently added 9 new color themes (including 2 “girl” color themes) for a total of 12 color themes.

    Here’s a quick peak at the new Construction Clipart colors:

    See All 12 Construction Clipart Colors

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