DIY Egyptian Crafts You Can Try at Home

August 9, 2016

DIY Egyptian Crafts You Can Try at Home

Whether for a party, school project, or designing a room, Egyptian motifs are a popular theme used over and over again. Looking for something fun and educational to try with the kids? Check out the DIY Egyptian Crafts shared below.

Ancient Egyptian Props and Decor

DIY Paper Pyramids

Pyramids are widely associated with Egyptian culture. Make your own miniature version from paper by cutting four equally sized triangles and sticking them together, connecting all tips at the top. Close the item by cutting a square with its sides equal to the base of the triangles, and sticking it at the bottom. Finish the pyramid by painting or drawing lines to make it appear as if it was built with blocks.

From The Smart Teacher

Paper Pyramid Pattern from The Smart Teacher

DIY Sarcophagus Prop

A sarcophagus is another object with Egyptian origins. Though they are essentially coffins, faux sarcophagi often are used as party props rather than creepy burial gear.

DIY site teaches how to make your own by taking a big foam sheet, and cutting it into six pieces: 4 equally long sheets to become the sides, a base, and cover; and 2 equal square sheets as the top and bottom.

For reinforcement, drill a few holes at the edges and insert dowels. Then, using spray glue, connect everything together except the cover. Add some plaster afterwards on the corners to hide the seams.

Next, design the sarcophagus by painting it with a base layer, and then add patterns, figures or even hieroglyphics if preferred. For the cover, you can also illustrate an image of a pharaoh. Use latex paint, as regular spray paint will dissolve the foam.


DIY Sarcophagus from


DIY Canopic Jars

You can make your own canopic jars as well. Crafts blog The Crafty Geek shows how Rumchata bottles or similarly shaped liquor bottles are perfect candidates. For the heads, create a rough shape by using wadded paper and masking tape, and then attach them to the bottle tops. To smooth the surfaces, coat them with glue.

After the rough objects have completely dried, you can cover the heads with air dry clay and sculpt on the details. Leave them to dry again completely before using spray paint for the colors.

Made of

Canopic jars from CraftyGeeks

DIY Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra, one of history’s most famous pharaohs, has been immortalized in countless films, documentaries, and more recently in applications such as the upcoming Civilization VI, and gaming channel Spin Genie’s slots game aptly titled Cleopatra.

In the real world, she is often depicted at costume parties. To recreate a similar outfit, guide resource ‘One How To’ suggests starting with a white cloth or dress. Then make a braid using fabrics of different colors for your belt.

For a complete pharaoh look, create a collar by cutting a cardboard sheet into a donut shape that would fit over your shoulders. The inner hole should be wide enough for your head to pass through. The last step is to paint it with various Egyptian patterns and colors.

Additional accents include sandals with multiple straps and the popular Egyptian eye makeup.

Image from:

Image from:


These are just a few ancient Egyptian inspired crafts you can try out at home. Do you have other DIY Egyptian crafts you’ve made on your own? Share them in the comment below!

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