5 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make in Under an Hour

December 8, 2015
5 Easy Christmas Crafts

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is how festive everything looks. Sparkling white lights, all the shades of red, green, and shimmering gold, and decorations that only come out once a year help make the holiday special.

It’s easy to run out and buy Christmas decorations from the store, but it can be just as easy to make your own and add a personal touch to your home. These easy Christmas crafts also make great hostess gifts to bring to holiday gatherings. If you find yourself with a spare hour, try out these easy Christmas crafts!

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Ornaments Tutorial from Jenni Bowlin

DIY Tree Ornaments

Gather items that have sentimental value, like vintage keys, cookie cutters, small toys or old jewelry. Get a variety of sting or ribbon in greens, reds, gold (or any color you find festive) from the craft store. String your items with the ribbon, and tie the other end in a bow. Then step back and enjoy your tree illuminated with your special items!

Check out this fun cookie cutter ornament tutorial from Jenni Bowlin.

Christmas Apothecary Jars

Beautiful Christmas Apothecary Jars by Natalie from The Shady Acre

Apothecary Jar Snow Scene

Use inexpensive apothecary jars to make a festive snow scene centerpiece for your holiday table!

Fill the jars a quarter with sand or salt for a snowy base. You can use white sand from the craft store, regular or coarse salt, or even baking soda in a pinch. Add a variety of Christmas figurines, like Santa, reindeer, trees, etc., from your own decoration stash, the craft store, or even the dollar store. Arrange your scenes with the figurines.

See how Natalie from The Shady Acre made these beautiful apothecary jar snow scenes.

Family Photo Wreath by Karianne at Infarrantly Creative

Photo Wreath

From a craft store, get a wooden wreath form, or cut one out of thick card board yourself. Gather some special photos (make copies if you don’t want to glue the originals). Arrange and glue the photos around the wreath. You can also do this with old Christmas cards you have received throughout the years.

For extra glitter and dimension, place the photos in 2″ x 3″ frames first.

See how Karianne from Infarrantly Creative made this sweet photo wreath.

Pinecone Door Hanger

Simple Pinecone Door Hanger by All That Brings Joy

Pinecone Wall Hanging

A pinecone hanging is a pretty alternative to a traditional wreath!

Get 5 – 10 large pine cones from the craft store (or outside), a roll of wide ribbon in a color to match your decor, and artificial pine bows and poinsettias. You can use all one color, or a combination of coordinating colors.

To assemble the wall hanging, cut the ribbons in a variety of lengths. Glue one pine cone to one end of each ribbon. Gather the ribbons together at the other end. Glue them together with a glue gun. Affix the pine and poinsettia flowers at the top to cover the glue, or tie a bow of the same ribbon you used for the pinecones instead.

Check out All That Brings Joy to learn how this Pinecone Wall Hanging was made!

Crayon Christmas Bulbs

Crayon Christmas Bulbs Tutorial from Meet the Dubiens

Colorful Christmas Tree Ornaments

For this one, you’ll need a box of round, clear, glass ornaments, a box of crayons and a hair dryer.

Choose the colors you want to use, peel the paper off, and break the crayon into small pieces. Remove the metal fixture from the ornament top, and put the crayons in. Choosing one or two colors that blend well, like yellow and blue or red and yellow, and using 1 to 3 small crayon pieces is ideal. Replace the metal ornament fixture.

The ornament gets hot during the next step, so you may want to put on an oven mitt to protect your hand. Hold the ornament in one hand, and use the hairdryer to heat the crayons in the ornament. As the crayons melt, move the ornament around so the colors swirl and blend.

Visit Meet the Dubiens to see how these pretty glass ornaments were made!


What Are Your Ideas for Easy Christmas Crafts?

I hope you found these ideas for easy Christmas crafts an inspiration for staying creative this holiday season! What are your own favourite easy Christmas crafts?

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