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Emma Floral Clipart – New!

July 3, 2015
Emma Floral Clipart

Summer wedding season is in full swing and I’m up to my elbows in flowers. I’ve introduced a number of new floral clipart sets for 2015, but I want to draw your attention to my newest series today. My new Emma Floral Clipart Series is big, bold and romantic. Perfect for summer wedding designs! The whole series is available in my shop at 50% off until July 17th

In the Beginning

These flowers were first conceived a few months ago, when a lovely lady named Sarah sent me an Etsy convo with a snap shot of a partial invitation attached. She was searching for some flowers similar to the ones on the invitation in her photo. Her friend had fallen in love with the invites, but they couldn’t find them anywhere!  Sarah wanted to make her friend custom bridal shower invitations using similar flowers (what a nice friend!), but she couldn’t find the floral clipart she needed.

As soon as I saw the flowers, I loved them too. They were big, bold and beautiful! Of course, copying art from an invitation is not a nice (or legal) thing to do, so I offered to create something new instead. Flowers inspired by Sarah’s invitation, with the same lucious feel but in my own style.

I named the series “Emma” after my niece, and introduced a few colors of Emma floral bunches to my Etsy shop in May. They were a big hit! At the end of June I added a full range of colors and created 2 new coordinating art sets (a floral heart wreath and floral bicycles). In the few weeks since I first posted them, these floral clipart sets have become some of my most popular sets to date.

Emma Floral Clipart Inspiration Gallery

My Emma Floral Clipart series was, as I mentioned above, originally intended for bridal shower invitations. Of course, the great thing about flowers is that they’re suitable for lots of designs, including invitations, printables and even home decor.

Emma Floral ClipartEmma Floral Clipart Colors

A Mixy, Matchy, Half Off Deal

When I do a big series of art like Emma Florals, people often tell me “I wish I could have them all!” or “I can’t pick a color!” so I want to give everyone a chance to mix and match. Until July 17th, my whole Emma Floral Clipart series will be 50% off on my website, So now’s the time to mix and match a few of your favorites!

See All Emma Floral Clipart

Save 50% off Emma Floral Clipart series on until July 17, 2015!


I have some ideas for upcoming vector art sets starring Emma Floral Clipart. Hot air balloons… Eiffle Tower… Maybe an alphabet. What other sets of Emma Floral Clipart would you like to see next?

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