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Free Summer Flowers Clipart & Vectors

July 4, 2016
Free Summer Flowers

Summer is in full swing and I have been spending WAY to much time in the garden!

Most of the plants I grow in my own little gardens are edible (veggies, herbs, fruit and lot’s of berries) but if you’ve so much as glanced at my blog or shop you’ll know that I absolutely adore flowers too.

I know some gardeners like a more refined look, with subtle, understand shades. But I always thought,  “what good are flowers if they’re not colourful”? Even by veggie gardens are dotted with my favourite flowers in hot pink, periwinkle blue, royal purple and sunny golden yellow.

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Cute Jungle Animals Clipart
New Art

New Art! Cute Jungle Animals Clipart & Vectors

A bright, playful set of cute jungle animals clipart has been on my to do list FOREVER! I’m so happy to have finally finished them this week – they came out exactly as I pictured them. 🙂…

February 2, 2016
New Art

New Spring Garden Floral Heart Clipart Colors

My Spring Garden floral clipart series has been one of my post popular so far. It’s one of my favorites too. Every time I open it, I think “Awwww, that’s so pretty”. Recently I’ve had a number of requests for the Spring Garden Floral Heart…

March 19, 2015